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T5 intergration

TIME: 2017-12-01

Product introduction

Product features

?Using high brightness, high color rendering Taiwan light source, color reproduction degree is higher and more real.

?Multi-lamp beads dot matrix light principle, more uniform light, no ghosting phenomenon.

?With high efficiency, high power factor driven to ensure reliable operation of the light source.

?Low temperature working environment, in line with the needs of refrigeration and refrigeration environment.

? exquisite high-quality high-light light mask, refraction light uniform.

?Cake cabinet, foreground closet, island cabinet, cooked food counters, beverage cabinets, and indoor lighting places.

T5 integration number size input voltage power Luminous flux (Transparent cover) Luminous flux (Milk white cover) Luminous color Color rendering index Power factor Beam angle Use environment
EAG-T560 15*600 110~220V 10W 1000lm 900lm White (warm white) optional >70 0.9 155~165(degrees) -30~60℃
EAG-T5120 15*1200 110~220V 20W 2000lm 1820lm White (warm white) optional >70
0.9 155~165(degrees