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PLC cold storage temperature and humidity monitoring system

TIME: 2017-12-01

Product introduction

Main features

Cold storage temperature and humidity system mainly provides cold storage, air conditioning library, fruit library, greenhouse, grain depots, biological laboratories and other space temperature and humidity monitoring and management. The system can monitor the large area of the temperature / humidity, and the data transmission to the PC for data storage and analysis, and output print curve, in the case of abnormal equipment also a variety of forms of alarm to inform the corresponding staff. The system complies with FDA Part 11 standards.

The system can also combine SMS, GSM SMS technology, the use of the Internet's global resources, to create low-cost, feature-rich unattended monitoring system solutions. In the cold storage when abnormal, the short message alarm, you can set the short message group, and different times to inform the different duty officers. Through the phone or phone ringing, e-mail, you can let the system to send the current cold storage equipment running short messages and e-mail, full realization of unattended remote monitoring.

System functions

1、 dynamic recording function;

2、 overrun alarm function;

3、 statistical data analysis;

4、 data storage function;

5、 print / report function;

6、 user rating management;

7、 remote monitoring function;

8、 mobile remote monitoring function;