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Temperature measurement instrument layout requirements

TIME: 2017-11-30

Temperature measuring instrument layout requirements:

(L) thermometer, thermocouple should be installed in the straight pipe section, the installation requirements * Small diameter as follows:

(A) Industrial mercury thermometer, DN50;

(B) Thermocouple, RTD, bimetallic thermometer, DN80;

(C) pressure thermometer, DN150;

(D) Expansion pipe length should not be less than 250mm.

(2) When the thermometer and thermocouple are installed at the bend of the pipe, the pipe diameter shall not be less than DN40 and come into countercurrent contact with the fluid flow in the pipe.

(3) The thermometer can be installed vertically or inclined 45 ° installation, tilt 45 ° installation, should flow into the tube into countercurrent contact.

(4) The installation height of the site indication thermometer should be 1.2 ~ 1.5m. When it is higher than 2.0m, a vertical ladder should be set as the activity platform. In order to facilitate maintenance, the distance from the platform * should not be less than 300mm.

(5) For process piping with branches, when installing thermometers or thermocouples, pay special attention to the installation position in accordance with the process flow and can not be installed in the dead ends of the process pipes or the cecum.

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