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When using the temperature controller should pay attention to

TIME: 2017-11-30

Temperature controller is based on the temperature changes in the work environment, physical changes within the switch, resulting in some special effects, resulting in a series of turn-on or off a series of automatic control components, or electronic components at different temperatures, working conditions Different principles to the circuit to provide temperature data for the circuit to collect temperature data.

Temperature controller in the installation and use, we must pay attention to the following points:

(1) Thermocouples and RTDs should be mounted vertically or horizontally on vertical or horizontal pipes. Protective sleeves should be installed for ease of access and replacement.

(2) according to different temperature to choose different measurement components. General measurement temperature is greater than 100 ℃, thermocouple should be selected, less than 100 ℃, select the thermal resistance.

(3) The thermocouple's cold end should be in the same ambient temperature, should use the same type of compensation wire, and the positive and negative to pick.

(4) When measuring the temperature inside the pipe, the length of the pipe should be at the center of the pipe (ie, the depth of protection pipe should be half the pipe diameter).

(5) high temperature zone using high temperature cables or high temperature compensation line.

(6) wiring should be reasonable and beautiful, hands instructions should be correct.

(7) temperature dynamic watch installation, the opening size to be appropriate, the installation should be nice.

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