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Cold lighting how to lay the line

TIME: 2017-11-30

Lamps and lanterns requirements: Moisture-proof incandescent lamps, shell protection grade IP54, cold room lighting must be added protective cover, and should be arranged in the top row of pipes on both sides of the luminaire control switch installed in the cold room away from the door Dry place. The company is located in:

Line requirements: As the rubber insulated wire and cable low temperature performance, the temperature is below 0 ℃ in the cold between the electrical wiring must be copper low temperature resistant rubber insulated cable Ming-fu, humidity above 0 ℃ in the cold, if the line is clearly laid , Copper plastic cable can be used, if dumbfitting, copper core rubber insulated wire must be used, both ends of the threading pipe to be sealed. The company is located in:

Power requirements: cold storage often use their own generators as secondary load backup power. For the nominal volume of more than 2500m3 cold storage are required by the secondary load power supply, self-supply must meet the needs of cold storage. Ammonia engine room explosion-proof exhaust fan, lift, fire pumps, etc. belong to the secondary load cold storage. And the elevator and fire pump should not share the same power with other loads. In addition also stipulates that when the cold storage dual power supply, the fire pump should be dual power supply, the end of the vote. The company is located in:

Line laying requirements: equipment room is the hub of cold storage, so equipment room lighting should be considered two load. And the equipment room in the power outage should be properly set with its own battery lamps, emergency time of not less than half an hour, high ammonia machine room floor, the use of explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, operating platform can choose explosion-proof incandescent lamp. Ammonia room lighting circuit using a cross section of not less than 2 meters copper core insulated wire, generally do not use dark wiring, but to wear steel pipe Ming Fu, easy to pipeline maintenance.

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