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The importance and practicality of LED fresh light energy

TIME: 2017-11-30

In food lighting, it is particularly important to emphasize the quality and freshness of the product. The correct lighting design should be precisely designed to fully reveal the inherent color of the product, making them look more delicious and delicious. This is the "honest" use of light, not "polish."

Food display in the food store, be sure to emphasize the freshness of all products. Light as an important promotional tool should be able to perfectly highlight the characteristic color of the food. The high color rendering of the light source and the "right" light color enable the color of the display food to be displayed accurately without distorting it. Another crucial consideration is the nature of the food itself, their sensitivity to heat, infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV).

For example, a light source with more blue light emits more energy than a light source with more red light in the spectrum. In addition to using filters, adjusting the illumination and exposure time can also help in the safe management of food.

Consumers want an "honest" light environment, and people are willing to come back to shop happily, not only because of the quality and freshness of the product, but also because of the light environment here. Make the product look better than itself, this light strategy can only bring you short-lived profits.

However, LED as a new light source solution has made rapid development in the field of food lighting. Its advantage is that the light is basically free of infrared and ultraviolet light, and the color of light can be customized according to different food types. In addition, it has excellent low-temperature start-up performance, long life, low light attenuation, the advantages of diversity. In addition, the LED's frequent switching does not affect life, and can be activated immediately - which makes it useful for emergency lighting.

It is because of these characteristics, LED in the field of food lighting for himself won a place. In addition to being applied to showcase milk, pre-packaged meat products and cheese freezers, they also make fruits and vegetables and baked goods look more delicious. In these places, the unique light color shows its unique potential. While meat and sausage reds are emphasized, fat-containing white is still visible; bread and bread rolls appear fresh under golden light; fresh fish placed on an ice bed are dazzling under the cool white light The star.

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