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Eagle grid LED lights fresh energy saving up to 40%

TIME: 2017-11-30

Eagle grid unique "primary color light" LED color technology

Raw meat, fruits and vegetables, bread three different categories of ingredients need to perform completely different effects, Eagle grid for its different characteristics, the use of spectral control technology to achieve custom fresh lighting program. Using Eagle's unique spectral control technology, the color rendering is better, more natural and without shading, giving a more natural light color that makes the food look new and delicious.

Professional control light / precision with light

Eagle grid through a professional optical design, making the spot more uniform, and no glare

Efficient cooling design

This series of passive heat sink, this maintenance-free, reliable technology to ensure that the LED module is working well, and does not consume any additional system energy consumption. At the same time, to ensure that the LED module is always working below the critical temperature range, to minimize the luminous flux decline.

Energy saving, environmental protection, long life

Compared with the traditional light source, the use of LED green light, no UV radiation, low heat radiation. Greatly reduce the damage caused by the heat to bring fresh food to reduce the loss of goods, to avoid the cost of merchant sales. At the same time, power-saving effect of up to 40%.

Installation is flexible and convenient

This series of built-in power supply, the use of lifting hanging line way to make construction more convenient and more flexible regulation, the maximum tensile length of up to 1.5 meters, to withstand the gravity range is 1.5KG ~ 5KG.

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