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Eagle Grid Analysis of the true value of temperature and humidity control

TIME: 2017-11-30

With the continuous improvement of modern living standards people no longer rely too much on air conditioning, more inclined to use the temperature and humidity control, the environment and temperature control and regulation, Eagle grid in the following simple analysis of temperature and humidity controller to people with The true value of coming here.

Through the preset temperature and humidity control room on the room. When the actual temperature of the room reaches the preset temperature, the temperature control center temporarily enters the semi-hibernation state and starts to monitor the ground temperature; when the actual temperature of the room is lower than the preset temperature, the temperature and humidity display of the temperature control and humidity control center Automatically enter the normal working condition. In this process, the room temperature can be controlled between 5 to 50 degrees Celsius, the accuracy of control in the upper and lower 1 degrees Celsius, accurate display and reminder to the temperature adjustment to some help. For temperature and humidity controller based on measurement and control methods are different, divided into single temperature control and dual temperature control two.

External controller refers to the external temperature by an external temperature and humidity control, monitoring room or ground temperature reaches the set temperature, stop heating. The internal control external limit controller refers to the temperature controller internal control room temperature, an external external temperature and humidity controller limits the ground temperature is too high.

The use of temperature-controlled equipment, thanks to our ability to use it more correctly and effectively, at one time to realize the true value of its market.

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